Toddler Daily Schedule

7:00                Good Morning!
7:15                Wash Hands & Breakfast
8:15                Clean up & Quiet activities
8:30                Center play or Gym time
9:15                Devotion & Circle time
9:30                Wash hands & Morning snack
9:45                Diaper changing &Potty time
10:00              Gross motor activities- Playground or gym
10:45              Story time, Music & Movement, or Art activities
11:00              Wash hands & Lunch time
11:30              Diaper changing & Potty time
12:00              Nap/Rest time
2:00                Rise & Shine!
2:10                Diaper changing & Potty time
2:30                Wash hands & Afternoon snack
3:00                Story time & Free play
3:30                Playground, Manipulatives, or Puzzles
4:00                Diaper changing & Potty time
4:30                Wash hands & Light snack
5:00                Quiet activities & Story time
6:00                Goodbye to our Friends!

Items to Bring to School:

  Breakfast (if here before 8:15
  Morning snack 
  Two afternoons snacks
  *see toddler schedule
Lunch bag to hold all food
Icepack to keep lunch and snacks cool
Rash ointment
Fever/pain reliever
2 changes of clothes including:
  Shirts, pants or shorts, underwear if needed, socks
  Blanket, fitted crib sheet
Weather appropriate outdoor apparel:
  Summer: hat, bathing suit, water shoes, towel
  Winter: hat, gloves, snow boots (if needed)

Please label all of your child’s items that we might keep track of them.  

Toddler Program

Our toddler program

                                      is an exciting program that aims to teach, encourage, and care for children ages 19 months to 3 years. We are dedicated to provide a nurturing environment that demonstrates love and respect, while teaching a curriculum that sets the foundation to early learning. Our program curriculum includes teaching our children of the world around them as they begin to grow and explore. Such early learning concepts include learning colors, shapes, weather, letters and numbers, and other relating concepts and experience. We work to implement learning into every activity, as we relate to each child and his or her personalities, and needs.

Our toddler program follows a schedule that provides each child with a routine that will allow them to feel safe and comforted. As part of our program, we provide snack and meal times, outdoor or gym time for physical exercise, and appropriate activities. Diapering and toilet training are also integrated into our schedule and program. A link is provided on this page to view our daily schedule.  It is our great joy to see the children in our program being to grow as they have new experiences, and learn new lessons. It is truly such a special time in a child’s life.

All of our staff have current, up-to-date CPR and First Aid certification.

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